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Can you find the neko (cat) and the 162 coins scattered in the level? Some coins are well hidden!

Good Luck! ∩( ^ω^)∩


Left and Right arrow keys - Move the character
Spacebar key - Jump (press it again to do a Double Jump!)
Z key - Forward Dash
Hold the Down arrow key + Spacebar key - Fall through certain platforms
Esc key - Close the game

Remember, your character can slide walls if you jump to them!

While the character is wall sliding:
To do a Wall Climb, keep jumping to the wall's direction.
To do a Wall Leap, jump away from the wall.


Game developed by andreiagmu (Andrei Aguiar Müller)

Published Apr 09, 2016
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorAndy Miira (Aliance GX)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, cat, coins, dash, jumping
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick

Install instructions

Download the file FindTheNeko v0.2_exe.zip and extract its contents.
Then, open the file Find The Neko.exe to start the game.

Release info:

v0.2 - Wall Jump updated.
v0.1 - Initial release.


FindTheNeko v0.2_exe.zip 10 MB


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Gostei muito da simplicidade dos gráficos, bem tranquilo de jogar. A mecânica de wall jump é bem divertida e funciona bem! Gostaria de ver uma versão com cenário e inimigos. Parabéns!

Obrigado! (´^ω^`)
Atualmente estou trabalhando em outro projeto, um 3D Platformer, mas quem sabe outra hora eu retorne pro Find the Neko, tipo em alguma game jam... Tenho algumas ideias pro jogo que ainda não foram exploradas nessa versão, hehe